Anti-Ragging Committee

About the Committee

To eliminate in the campus we have constituted an Anti Ragging Committee as per the guidelines of UGC students faculty, office staff and all other staff are given an awareness programme on Ragging and its consequences and how to prevent Ragging on the campus when new students arrive, An awareness program is organized for the newcomers for the first day its self, help line number is given to them.

Members Of the Committee

1 Head of  the Institution Prof.Mary Saji Danel Principal, Travancore College of Nursing
2 Police Administration Mr.Sujeeth G Nair Sub Inspector of Police, Kottiyam
3 Local Media Mr. Jayaprakash C TV Reporter,Ayathil
4 Civil Administration Mrs Jalaja Panchayath president Trikovilvattom
5 College Administration Mr Thampi D S Administrative Officer
6 Youth Activist Mr.Sandeep Krishna

Prof. Remya R S

Director,Nehru Yuva Kendra

Vice Principal,

7 Faculty Members Mrs.Anchana C K

Mrs.Archana Devi S

Mrs. Deepa A

Mrs.Deepa Kumari V N


Antiragging Committee Convener

III  Sem Class Co-ordinator

III Year Class Co-ordinator

IV Year Class Co-ordinator

8 PTA Representative Mr. Ashokan Nair President, PTA
9 Student Representatives Ms. Riya Raju

Mr. Abhiram

Ms. Ann Bobby

MS.Haifa Thasnim S S

IV  Year Representative(2019 batch)

III Year Representative(2020 batch)

III Semester Representative

II Semester Representative

I Semester Representative

10 Warden In Charge MS. Sini Kumari

Ms. Raji

Mrs Sumitra G

Ladies Hostel  Warden

Ladies Hostel  Warden

Ladies  Hostel  Warden

11 Non Teaching  Staff Mrs Preethu  P S

Mrs  Simi S

Office Secretary