Travancore College Of Nursing, Kollam

Quilon Medical Trust, a registered charitable trust with the mission of advancing professional and higher education in underserved and minority populations, is the parent organization of Travancore College of Nursing. The “Travancore Medical College Hospital” (Medicity), a 750-bed hospital and medical college, has already been established and is operated by the trust.
The first class of BSc Nursing students at Travancore College of Nursing was accepted in September 2010 after the College opened its doors in 2010. Approved by the Kerala government, the college is affiliated with the Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council, Indian Nursing Council, and Kerala University of Health Sciences. Each year, 70 students are accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The motto of Travancore College of Nursing is “Service with Love.”


Travancore Medical College Hospital and Super Specialty Hospital is the first fully NABH Accredited Medical College Hospital in Kollam, Kerala granted by the Quality Council of India as well as an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Health Care Provider. We are expertise in the field of Medicine and Medical Research with Specialty and Super Specialty Services, functioning under Quilon Medical Trust since 2007 branded as Travancore Medicity, dedicated to a vision “To improve the health, well being and happiness of each patient with convenient and timely access to quality healthcare by providing the highest standard of treatment protocol”. We offer Medical schooling in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) and Post-Graduate degree under Travancore Medical College and Bachelor of Nursing degree (B.Sc Nursing) under Travancore College of Nursing, functioning in the Travancore Medicity Campus. We are one of the renowned centres in the state, with a total strength of 900 beds. We cater for almost all speciality and super speciality departments with highly qualified and experienced professionals working to give the utmost care with the support of all pre and para-clinical facilitations and allied services.

Vision and Mission

Travancore College of  Nursing professes its motto ‘Service with Love ‘ by educating and training future nurses to provide high-quality compassionate care, promote health quality, advance nursing science and contribute to the well-being of individuals, families and communities all around the globe.

The mission of  Travancore College of Nursing is to provide a comprehensive education that prepares students to excel as compassionate and competent nurses, grounded in evidence-based practice, ethical principles, and cultural competence. We strive to foster leadership, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, empowering graduates to positively impact healthcare delivery and promote the well-being of diverse individuals and communities.

  • To foster teamwork and harmony in the institution.
  • To motivate students and Inspire leadership quality.
  • To engage in research endeavours, implement community outreach initiatives, and encourage programs aimed at fostering community development.

Travancore College of  Nursing comes under the Kerala Private Nursing College Management Association. The management has an agreement with the Government for seat sharing at a proportion of 50% seat for each. The maximum intake every year is 50 students.

At Travancore College of Nursing, our team is comprised  of passionate educators, experienced clinicians, and committed professionals who are dedicated to shaping the future of nursing get to know the individuals who inspire and guide our students towards excellence in education and practice