B.Sc Nursing Admissions 2024-2025

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Medicity is the apt place to shine in the medical profession and it will help the students to study in a mind-warming ambience.

Principal’s Message

Medical Education in our country has had many woos and ills for years and this has resulted in a big gap between medical practice and the curriculum in colleges. This may be true because those who practice medicine are not involved in the preparation of the curriculum.

The Travancore College of Nursing at Kollam has been yearning to remedy such pitfalls in medical education from its beginning. This institution is in its infancy and has been witnessing the usual growing pains and teething troubles that are expected of such an institution. The management team of this medical college is well aware of the positive goals to be achieved by this novice institution in the Kollam district.

As a person who has been witnessing every brick of the massive buildings of this institution being laid, I can vouch that this college is well geared for achieving marvels in medical education – the faculty is well dedicated and committed to teaching; the educational infrastructure and equipment are state-of-the-art; and the milieu is cordial for appropriate medical learning. This institute is now committed to the overall development of the presently admitted first batch in all their curricular and extra-curricular domains. I am sure the knowledge and skills these students imbibe from this institution will make them flow to all the nooks and corners of our country and also beyond.

Mary Saji Daniel
Principal, Travancore College Of Nursing

About Us

Quilon Medical Trust, a registered charitable trust with the mission of advancing professional and higher education in underserved and minority populations is the parent organization of Travancore College of Nursing. The “Travancore Medical College Hospital” (Medicity), a 850-bed hospital and medical college, has already been established and is operated by the trust. The first class of BSc Nursing students at Travancore College of Nursing was accepted in September 2010 after the College opened its doors in 2010. The Kerala government approves the college, which is affiliated with the Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council, Indian Nursing Council, and Kerala University of Health Sciences. Each year, 70 students are accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The motto of Travancore College of Nursing is “Service with Love”.

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